5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Video Producer

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1. Understanding your why

So you've realized having a video produced would be beneficial to your business. Excellent! Now comes the first challenge and it is something a lot of people overlook and neglect. You must first understand your message and why your company does what it does. Sure the obvious answer would be to make money but aside that what makes you uniquely qualified to do what you do? What is your story and why is it different than others? Once you understand the why of your company rather than the what, who and how the narrative changes a bit and makes your messaging that much more impactful and authentic.

Blog by New Cape Pictures

2. Do you know your message?

Define to your self and your colleagues what it is you wish to achieve with your video production. Are you aspiring to increase exposure for your brand? Are you looking to drive the most amount of sales in the least amount of time? Maybe you're attempting to gain more followers and clout on social media platforms? Perhaps you are working to position yourself or your company as a figure of authority and knowledge on a certain subject? Are you trying to showcase the inner workings of your operation to let others in on how and why your business is successful? The first step on your video production journey should be understanding your core messaging. The second is recognizing the purpose behind what the video is supposed to achieve. This will maximize your chance at producing content that moves viewers to act.

3. Envisioning your end point

So your team have rallied behind the core message you want to get across with your video production. You know what the video is designed to do and you're familiar with the logistics behind getting it to that point. Once you have achieved your goals working alongside your producer it is equally important to isolate your target market and expose your video campaign to a specific demographic. Having a large reach with your campaign is excellent and the more eyes on your business the better. However understanding your market and knowing where they congregate in the digital/broadcast space is paramount in striking a chord with those that are most likely to engage with your product or service.

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4. Equipment is important, but not everything

Do not allow a video producer to sell you on gear. These days state of the art equipment and a high production value is to be expected when working with any legitimate production company. Whats most important is the notion of storytelling and driving your marketing home with viewers. An average video producer will take your money and churn out a decent video that glosses over your product or service. An exceptional video producer will take the time and energy to peel back the layers of your business and understand every element of your process. They will then take this and fashion a story that engages others and puts them in a place where they WANT to learn more about your company. Make sure your video producer is as invested in your business as you are.

5. Get it all out in the open

Full disclosure and transparency is key when working with any video production company. You are entrusting another company of creative professionals to represent your business and it is important for them to have a grasp of your expectations early on. There are a lot of moving parts involved behind any production. It is crucial to hire a producer that is open and clear about what it is that they are to achieve with the video. They should make it known what a realistic time table would look like in order to effectively produce the content. Both parties should come to an agreement on deadlines, scheduling, delivery of graphics and concepts, legal paperwork, payment etc. It is imperative the production company you hire is on top of all of this but it is of equal importance that you meet them halfway getting them all of the necessary materials and information they need to produce a high caliber video in a reasonable amount of time.

Blog by New Cape Pictures

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