Video Marketing in the Digital Age

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Learn how to utilize videos for your social media campaigns

All businesses have tried to get the word out on their services since time immemorial. The outlets used for this have grown considerably over the years. There has been a paradigm shift in the way we consume content. Countless people are scrolling through their social media feeds day in and day out. Businesses have taken advantage of these new platforms in an effort to get as many eyes as possible focused on their brand.

Blog by New Cape Pictures

Companies are constantly blasting out their messaging all over the digital space but few actually land with their prospects. Compelling video that envelopes a companies' core ideas and marketing helps videos land with audiences. Generally the rule of thumb is you have eight seconds to draw the attention of a first time visitor to your website before they give up and move on. In regards to social media, a business has far less time to entice them with their video marketing and video production efforts.

An effective strategy to employ is presenting a solution to a common problem immediately. Demonstrate how and why your product or service fixes an issue we can all relate to right out of the gate. Initially all that matters is securing the attention of a potential customer. Stand out to viewers by appealing to their sensibilities and experiences. Anyone who has struggled with the conflict your product or service fixes will instantly be intrigued as they will genuinely be interested how you can alleviate this problem they have experienced.

Blog by New Cape Pictures

People are adept at recognizing that old familiar feeling of being sold something. The key with social media video marketing is presenting your product or service in the least intrusive way possible. The approach should not be "here is this amazing thing you need to have" but rather "here is a problem you've likely encountered that we have a solution for." People are not interested in your business they are only interested in the problem that you solve. Viewers connect with a good story so make sure yours is about an organization that solves problems for others.

When you’re creating and posting videos, it pays to know your target audience. Picture your ideal customer in mind when you make a video and ask yourself: "Would this customer respond to my video?". Once your video’s ready to go, use ad managing tools to locate that client on social media websites, searching for people who have the location, income, and interests you’re hoping to reach.

Social media has become a fixture of our every day lives. All age groups and all demographics find themselves on these platforms every day. The opportunity to get the word out for your company is more accessible now than it has ever been. Just remember you are competing with millions of other companies. Stand out from your competition by speaking to people's experiences and conflicts to form an organic connection.

Using video as a medium to market your business is no longer a "nice to have" but more of a "must have."


Blog by New Cape Pictures

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