4 Tips For Creating Effective Videos For Your Business

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There is no tool more effective for storytelling than video. We consume dozens and dozens of them every day without even realizing it. A compelling video resonates with viewers and can trigger an emotional response that remains with us long after its conclusion. However, so many fall short of this and ultimately fly beneath our radar. We are conditioned to almost immediately dismiss an advertisement. In fact most people go out of their way to tune them out.

What sets a good advertisement apart from a weak one then?

Occasionally we do stumble across a promotional video for a product or service that does resonate with us and peaks our interest. So what are advertisements like these doing that the majority of others fail to? What factors are being considered during the production process that allow some videos to connect while the rest just seem to fall into the void?

Blog by New Cape Pictures


1) The Importance of Visualizing Content

As previously mentioned, videos are a powerful medium for storytelling. Portraying the right idea through video can be profoundly effective for any business. Inspire people visually to create a visceral connection with your ideas and your brand. The first step is understanding your message and why your company does what it does. What makes you uniquely qualified to do what you do? What is your story and how is it different than others?

Once you understand the why of your company rather than the what, who and how the narrative changes a bit and makes your messaging that much more impactful and authentic. People are not interested in your business they are only interested in the problem that you solve. Viewers connect with a good story so make sure yours is about an organization that solves problems for others.


2) Translating Ideas into Visuals

The essence of visualization allows you to bring your strongest ideas to life with content that connects. One reason why a successful commercial is able to connect with audiences is the video's ability to make viewers consider their own lives and experiences relative to the benefits of the product or service. In order to secure someone's attention and keep them inspired you must first offer them a solution to their problem. Anyone who has struggled with the conflict your product or service fixes will instantly be intrigued how you can alleviate the problem they have experienced.

People are adept at recognizing that old familiar feeling of being sold something. The key is presenting your product or service in the least intrusive way possible. The approach should not be "here is this amazing thing you need to have" but rather "here is a problem you've likely encountered that we have a solution for."

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3) Creating Videos that Connect

Once your team have agreed upon the message, it's time to bring your ideas and marketing from script to screen.

Working alongside a video producer with state of the art equipment and talented personnel is very important but not the only factor to consider. Make sure your video producer is as invested in your ideas as you are. It is vital both you and your production team remain focused on the core message developed in the earlier stages of the process.

A well shot, finely edited video can only go so far - it's good storytelling that engages an audience. Outlines, scripts, storyboards and shot sheets are all preliminary measures that help ensure a successful end result. Video that gets your message across and strikes a chord with viewers is the ultimate goal. Your video campaign is a reflection of your company so the tone, vibe and aesthetic should match that of your business.

Again, a good producer will take the time and energy to understand all of this for themselves. Treat the production company you've hired as an extension of your team. This will keep the entire process cohesive and maximize your chance at producing a video that stays true to your core ideas and marketing.


4) Choosing the Right Location

While it may seem obvious, knowing where to place your video marketing in the digital/broadcast space is easier said than done. In the current digital age there is no shortage of platforms to showcase your content. Companies are constantly blasting out their messaging all over the digital/broadcast space but few actually land with their prospects. Compelling video that envelopes a companies' core ideas and marketing helps videos land with audiences. You can maximize your chance of landing your message by targeting a demographic that is most likely to engage with your product or service.

There are multiple ways to gather this information for yourself prior to deciding on moving forward with your video campaign. Gathering data from your quarterly sales, determining customer's locations geographically and hosting surveys are just several ways to establish a jumping off point for this kind of information. Your video producer can also offer insight into this however no one will know your business better than you. It is a good idea to know where you want your video positioned to maximize your video's reach and exposure. The end goal with any advertisement is to turn impressions into sales so do everything possible to understand where your audience is most likely to interact with your advertisement.

The primary motivation behind your video production should be producing something that reflects the hungriest salesperson you could have selling for you. You want your video to work for you by building awareness, connecting with your market and driving interaction with your brand. While it's nice to have a sleek, high end advertisement representing your business that is ultimately a surface level benefit if the end result is failing to convert impressions into sales. As previously mentioned, videos are a powerful medium for storytelling so make sure yours tells the right story. You must view your video production endeavors as an investment in your companies' relevance moving forward and a way to stay competitive in the market place.

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All of this holds true when shooting in offices or businesses as well. In fact sometimes these types of locations can prove even more difficult since so many people at the location are there to work. We have a job to do but so do they and it is not any producer's right to interfere with their normal day to day activities. Generally sit down interviews are common when producing videos for a company in their office space. Capturing sound in this environment can be difficult with people conversing, cell phones going off, doors opening and closing etc. As stated earlier, a preliminary scout of the location can help prevent stress for the production team when trying to figure out the best place to conduct the interview and roll sound. Find a room with minimal sound leakage and hoist "sound blankets" (furniture blankets) around the subject being interviewed to mitigate any further sound from the hustle and bustle outside the room. Also plan out B Roll style shots ahead of time. We always like to know where our gear is going and what type of shots we are trying to achieve throughout the day.

Everything above boils down to preparation. The Boy Scouts motto is "Be prepared". Perhaps we can all take something away from those simple words, regardless of occupation. As a producer, "winging it" is unacceptable. Explore the shooting location thoroughly ahead of time and know where the camera, lights and actors are going to go. Plan out the type of gear necessary to grab the shots needed that best tell your client's story. Finally make certain the every day occurrences associated with the location will not interfere with the integrity of the production.


Blog by New Cape Pictures

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