Frequently Asked Questions For Video Producers

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Before picking a video producer, you need to ask them a ton of questions to make sure they deliver a quality video that meets your expectations. However, answers to these questions may be difficult to come by. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared and are armed with the most accurate information, New Cape Pictures has answered some of the most frequently asked questions for video producers. 

1. How much will it cost?
It is very difficult to say upfront. Every production is different, and there are so many different variables at play. You really need to sit down and iron out the details before properly quoting for a video project.

2. How long will it take to produce?
It comes down to the type of content that is being produced. With a scripted production, you may be able to shoot one to three pages a day. However, something like an on-location interview or a talking head to a camera with a teleprompter can yield much more content in a much shorter time.

3. Can you make our video look like the other guys?
Emulating another work is always achievable. Where there’s a will there’s a way. A video producer is always going to put their creative spin on any project, so it is best to collaborate with your producer early on. If you have a very specific vision, then drive that point home out of the gate.

4. Can we negotiate a bulk rate deal with this large amount of video work?
The answer to this is subjective, but a good producer should always work with his or her client on budget and timelines. If a client decides to move forward with a production company with a lot of work in tow, then it would serve them both to work with each other to come to the best arrangement.

5. Have you worked with anyone famous?
The answer to almost any production person in the world is yes. At first, it’s very exciting but ultimately loses its luster fairly quickly. While it’s obvious to most, they are people just like anyone else; there is still that feeling you get seeing someone you’ve only ever watched through a screen. You can sum up a lot about celebrities’ character by how they interact with the crew.

6. What kind of camera do you shoot on?
Regardless of how you answer, if the person isn’t working behind the scenes full time, they will act either confused or impressed. Honestly, it doesn’t matter much what you shoot on. It never really did, and even less so now with the easy access to amazing equipment. Work with people who know how to light a shot and set up a mic and your content is going to look and sound better than the majority of what is produced today.

7. Have you worked on anything I may have seen?
This is a funny question. Should we recite our full resume to find out? Unless you work on big film sets or Netflix shows, the answer is probably no. Unless they’ve seen a commercial, documentary or music video, you’ve worked on, but we all work on so much stuff so often how can one remember all of the different productions we’ve worked on over the years? This is a funny question.

8. Have you ever done ‘this type of video’ before?
As a video producer, it’s common to work with a skeptical first time client. They may have a very specific vision for the production, or they may have worked with another producer for years, and this is uncharted territory for them. Always have faith in the production team you’ve chosen to work with. If you admire the quality of their work, then believe in their ability to create an amazing video for you.

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