Stand-Alone Video Production Vs. Video Production With Proven, Trackable Distribution

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Video is the number one selling tool today as people engage with it on a level that is above and beyond images, text, or any other form of communication. Based on the popularity and diversity of video content, it is also believed that video will outperform the hungriest salesperson.

It is available to prospects seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and twenty-four hours a day. With its compelling qualities, it can even captivate viewer attention and motivate them to learn more about a product, service, business, or person of interest.

Similarly, video production gives you the chance to represent yourself or your business in a very unique and creative way. There are currently dozens of video styles to choose from, and whichever you select must resonate with your viewers to create the desired impact. Besides this, to make your video content truly unstoppable, you also need to know how to distribute it.

Video production with trackable distribution

The difference between video production and video production accompanied by trackable distribution is a night and day comparison. A video can look great, sound great, and the messaging can be on point. However, if the video is not being appropriately distributed, it is not a sound investment.

The key to real success with your video content is working with a knowledgeable and experienced content creator. They will help you place your video advertisements in front of your target market, which is by far the most effective approach to digital advertising in 2020.

By combining high-quality video production with proven distribution techniques that can be tracked and measured, your marketing plan will become unstoppable. Through this approach, you will also know precisely how your advertising dollar is being spent. You will even be able to determine how much it will cost you to generate one lead, sale, or a phone call.

At New Cape Pictures, we excel at video production and distribution. If you are looking to grow your business with predictability, fill out this discovery form here, and schedule a consultation with us today!

What does video distribution involve?

Most marketers guarantee clicks, leads, and impressions on the ads they set up for you. What does that really mean for you though? The very nature of advertising online will generate clicks, leads, and impressions by default. But, by embracing the strategies we implement for our clients, we can determine how much it will cost to generate an actual sale, phone call, or lead submission form. If you want to bring in six new clients a month, we would be able to reverse engineer the numbers to find out what it would cost you to bring in new business with predictability.

We arrive at these numbers by building out a specific sales funnel and figuring out what it will cost based on the type of funnel being used. We leverage key performance indicating benchmark figures based on millions of dollars of ad spends. That way, we know down to a degree of certainty what it will actually cost to generate new sales for you each month.

While this is all well and good, the most important element to a workable sales funnel always goes back to the video. Placing a video on your landing pages within your funnels can increase conversion rates by up to 80%! Video combined with historic data from millions of dollars of ad spends helps us confidently express our abilities to bring in new business for our clients.

The Challenges

Everyone everywhere agrees that video is the best form of media on the planet. People love stories, and video is the number one tool for storytelling. In fact, videos make all kinds of information interesting and enjoyable, which means this trend will never diminish. But, while video content is undeniably the best tool for advertising, you can still face a few challenges when producing videos.

One problem you may encounter is choosing an unsuitable video producer. If you work with a video producer that delivers sub-par content, you are stuck with a low-quality video that may or may not convert for you.

Similarly, with limited knowledge of video production, you may struggle to create a clear message. Something convoluted and vague will not capture the attention of your prospects. Furthermore, if you and your producer are not on the same page about the message, the video created will be ineffective.

The only way to eliminate these drawbacks is to work alongside a video marketing expert with the experience necessary to drive results with your video content.

At New Cape Pictures, we’ve been producing videos and practicing efficient distribution for several years. So, while it is fair to say that the methods we employ work, that doesn't mean we just plug your ads into Facebook Business Manager or Google Ads, and they start bringing in new business with predictability. These platforms use algorithms that crave variety and knowing how to optimize the right audience, media, and message is crucial.

Most companies large and small either employ an advertising agency to run their digital ads or have someone in-house do it. The problem with this is that the majority of these agencies do not take the time to truly understand your business. Not to mention, they do not utilize video, or if they do, it is stock footage that is not really enveloping the core message of what your company is really about.

Another recipe for failure is having the ‘social media person’ within the company run the ads. This is a bad idea as they don’t have the time or energy to learn how to run a digital ad campaign effectively. They do what most do, which is to set up a few ads that do well for a few days and then crash and burn as the algorithms need more variety and iteration.

To prevent all of this, you need to work with someone with a proof of concept and a track record of bringing in a strong return on investment (ROI) for their clients running digital ads.

It doesn’t matter what your business does. As long as you’re courting the idea of embracing video for your promotions, you should want distribution inclusive with the video production. Don’t try to divide things by giving the video work with one company, and the distribution with another. It will only cause confusion.

By keeping everything in-house with one firm, you both have full autonomy over the process, and there is less room for misinterpretation on either end. New Cape Pictures offers an all in one package called a Commercial Campaign that includes both methods, production, and distribution. Learn more about that by clicking here.

Bottom Line

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At this point, it should be obvious. Strong video with a compelling message accompanied by adequate and trackable distribution equals success!

Video is the most valuable form of media that exists today. For years all a producer could do for a client was create content and send it off to a media house. From there, it would be distributed in the televised space based on the client’s budget. Today, the process is very different.

The playing field has shifted in the digital age. Crafty video creators like New Cape Pictures have adopted the techniques necessary to not only shoot fantastic video but embrace the methods needed to bridge the gap between you and your prospects through these customer acquisition systems that drive results!

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