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New Cape Pictures - Video Production Company

Understanding your business and crafting the best message for your customers is our primary focus. We endeavor to create effective videos that build awareness, connect with your market and drive interaction with your brand.

Our Service Areas include

Video Production & Digital Advertising Services

  • Creative Development

    Creative Development

    We work closely with our clients on strategy and script development to assure the maximum success for each campaign. Our focus is on visualizing your ideas and marketing in a compelling way that attracts and engages your prospects.

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  • Video Production

    Video Production

    Our knowledge, professionalism and experience comes together on set. This results in a video production finishing on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.

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  • Video Post - Production

    Post - Production

    Our post-production department is fully adaptable and can deliver in any format. Motion graphics, 3D animation, color correction and sound design are completed in house and catered to each production.

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  • Media Distribution

    Media Distribution

    We have embraced a proven system we call a commercial campaign,combining the perfect blend of visual creative, audience and media that drive serious results proven to grow businesses all over the world.

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