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The Truth About Production Companies

We came to the realization that the overwhelming majority of production companies are not offering true value for their clients. They can produce an exceptional video for them. It might look great, it might sound great and the messaging might be on point. However, if the client then takes that video but is unaware how to make it generate revenue them - it was ultimately a waste of resources. It doesn't matter how incredible a video looks and sounds if the right people are not seeing it. And that is the key differentiator to consider. How exactly do we get your video in front of the specific types of people that are willing to buy your product or service today?

Tangible Results You Can Measure

We help companies scale their business by leveraging commercial campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We work with a team of experts on the implementation and combine our mastery over video production and communicating the right message to the right people. A powerful message gets attention, communicates the gap in peoples' lives and defines the cost of not buying today. We conduct extensive market research, form a hypothesis, and then go back to the market to test our hypothesis and collect feedback. This allows us to hand pick the winning formula that generates the most leads on our chosen platform and get our client's consistent results.

For those still on the fence about fully embracing video for their business - consider these statistics. According to Forbes, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions and 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows 100% every year. If you own your own business or work for someone who does - now is the time to take the step forward and feel the benefits of a strong commercial campaign firsthand.

Coming Full Circle

After your production is wrapped and the campaign has been launched it is time to reap the rewards of all of that hard work. We typically expect to deliver a 3:1 ROI for our clients by the third month of the campaign's life cycle. Every day we check on the campaign's analytics and make subtle tweaks to assure the right mix of audience, media and message.

We would love the opportunity to grow our businesses alongside each other. Please call us (973) 433-0433 or drop us a line via e-mail at We encourage all potential clients to fill out our online form as well to help us get a deeper understanding of your business and background. If you'd like to see some of our past work - click here

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